Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Why I Don't Believe James Foley was Beheaded in ISIS Video

Motive: Factions of the US government and the Foreign Relations Council wanted a reason to begin airstrikes in Syria because of the money to be made in Arms sales, plundered Syrian resources and geo-strategical reasons.  I'm not saying ISIS doesn't exists but they weren't posing enough of a direct threat to the US for the US public to support an expensive military operation with the inevitable deaths of innocent Syrian civilians. Public support could only be afforded by an outrage of a brutal murder of a US citizen and a high profile, emotional media campaign to go with it.

I have watched the Foley beheading video on youtube. Believe me, I would not have if I doubted it was fake. I am a squeamish and emotional person. If you saw any of the photos coming from Syria and Gaza the last year, they had me sobbing and unable to sleep properly at night.
Sure enough, the video produced no emotional reaction in me whatsoever. You would have thought that a man, even if resigned to the fact of his own death, would show some physical tension and distress moments before a brutal decapitation of this nature; some resistance, a few beads of sweat on his forehead perhaps. You would have thought, after the knife had cut into his throat he would have released some cry even if involuntarily. Other youtubers said in comments they had seen videos of real beheadings uploaded from the Middle East (Wtf? Grim, I know I could never)  and a hideous, gutteral sound is produced by the victim as the knife slices through the flesh and hits the trachea, esophagus and vocal fold within.
The knife goes across his neck six times before the video fades out. There was not a drop of blood, no cry, no heaving or twisting of the body. The victim seemed completely calm and unphased.
Even the Telegraph reported that the video was probably faked and that Foley was probably shot off camera and the video made for propaganda purposes.

I have to ask why the most brutal and bloody thirsty regime of modern times would decide to shoot Foley instead and release such a pathetically unconvincing video? So as not to offend a Western audience? Please.

Now here is the next thing. The USA amended the Schmit- Mundt Act of 1932 to make it legal to produce completely false news for domestic and foreign audiences. Also a recent report in The Examiner describes how Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch owns an Oil company poised to drill in Syria.

And here is the next thing. Does this woman look like someone who has just lost her sibling or someone who has just been paid a lot of money for her role in this? Perhaps enough to last the rest of her life?

So where is James Foley if he is not dead you may ask. I don't know. Maybe he has been giving a new identity and is living in Israel or Saudi Arabia or an army base until people forget what he looks like. Maybe he didn't exist in the first place. Far fetched as it may seem, I find it easier to believe than  the video of his execution or his sibling's supposed grief.  Considering the amount of resources and money in arms sales at stake for the West's elite and the evidence above, I think it the more likely of scenarios than a mass-murdering ISIS executioner getting a bit squeamish about getting blood on his nice new boots.   

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